Past Life Feats

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  • All passive Past Life feats can be stacked a maximum of three times each.
Past Life Feats
Feat Description 1st 2nd 3rd
Past Life: Artificer
  • a stacking +1 bonus to all Intelligence based skills
  • a stacking +1 bonus to Use Magic Device skill
x x x
Past Life: Barbarian
  • 10 additional hit points
Past Life: Bard
  • +2 to saves vs. enchantments and illusions
  • +1 bard song usage.
Past Life: Cleric
  • +1 to the DC's of your Conjuration spells
  • +1 Turn Undead attempt per rest
  • You Turn Undead as if you were 2 levels higher
Past Life: Druid
  • Your summoned creatures, charmed minions, and hirelings gain +2 to all ability scores
x x x
Past Life: Favored Soul
  • +1 to spell penetration checks
  • +20 additional spell points
Past Life: Fighter
  • +1 to attack rolls
  • +1 to the DC's of your tactical feats
Past Life: Monk
  • +1 to damage rolls
Past Life: Paladin
  • +10% positive Healing Amplification (providing 10%, 20%, or 30% amplification as the feat stacks)
Past Life: Ranger
  • +2 damage with ranged weapons (note this applies to missile weapons only, and not thrown)
  • +2 to elemental resistances
Past Life: Rogue
  • +2 to saves vs. traps
  • +1 damage when sneak attacking
Past Life: Sorcerer
  • +1 to the DC's of your Evocation spells
  • +20 additional spell points
x x x
Past Life: Warlock
  • +3 Magical Resistance
x x x
Past Life: Wizard
  • +2 to spell penetration checks
  • +2 to the DC's of Wands you use
x x x

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